Man Injured in Gun Attack at Petrol Station

Man Injured in Gun Attack at Petrol Station

A man is being treated in hospital after the latest shooting.

The incident occurred about 4 30 this (Sunday) afternoon on the compound of Sol Banyans petrol station at Bay Street, St. Michael.

A group of men were reportedly standing on the outside of the petrol station’s automart when about three or four other males crossed the street and attacked the group.

One of the attackers opened fire, while another reportedly threw stones.

The targets of the attack scampered trying to take cover at the rear of the business but one man was shot in the right foot.

He was taken to hospital.

The attack is said to have occurred in the presence of several other patrons who were all sent scampering and were lucky to escape injury.

This latest gun attack follows a fatal shooting at Long Bay, St. Philip on Friday night.


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