Civil Servants Targeted for Low-Cost Housing

Civil Servants Targeted for Low-Cost Housing

Scores of civil servants and others seeking low-cost housing are being targeted for a mortgage fair being held by the National Housing Corporation on Saturday.

NHC General Manager Ian Gill tells Starcom Network News the fair is being held in the Golden Square Freedom Park.


He stresses there are options depending on pay level.

Voice of: NHC General Manager, Ian Gill


Minister of Housing, Lands, and Maintenance, Dwight Sutherland, says he sees home ownership as a vital part of the country’s development.

Speaking during the resolution of the Section 5 Crown Lands Vesting and Disposal Act, in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, he said he believes that home ownership may be more important than land ownership, with the government remaining committed to providing greater ownership opportunities.

Voice of: Minister of Housing, Lands and Maintenance, Dwight Sutherland

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