Poultry prices to rise by up to 12%

Poultry prices to rise by up to 12%

The President of the Egg and Poultry Producers Association, Stephen Layne confirms that the price of eggs and poultry products is likely to increase by ten to twelve percent.

This follows an eight percent hike in the price of feed from the local manufacturer from this week, a 58 cents per litre increase in the price of diesel from midnight and the rising cost of electricity.

Mr. Layne tells Starcom Network News that stakeholders will be meeting shortly on the matter.

Mr. Layne says there will also be a discussion with the local feed manufacturer.

Dairy farmers also complain that their sector will take a hit from an increase in the price of animal feed from this week.

But while poultry farmers have indicated their prices will have to go up dairy farmer Paul Davis notes farmers in his sector don’t control the price of milk.

Mr. Davis is doubtful about how much assistance government can provide over the long-term.

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