Home Affairs Minister, Wilfred Abrahams, stated at a news briefing that Barbados has pledged its full support to St. Vincent.

He disclosed that there has been no formal request for Barbados to house evacuees as yet, but it’s said it’s a developing situation and Barbados stands ready to assist in any way it can.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneth George, stressed that if any evacuees have to be transported to Barbados all protocols will be in place and there will be no shortcuts.


Meantime, Director of Meteorological Services, Sabu Best,  disclosed that an ash cloud from the eruption passed high above Barbados during the late morning and went virtually unnoticed as it travelled on to the east.

He stressed that the eruption is ongoing and major events  could happen at anytime but only the ash from a very powerful eruption would reach Barbados.

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