What’s new with G-Syndicate? 

“G-Syndicate is working on some new music and videos coming in May, new genre of music which the group has never touched (Don’t want to give away to much information until the release as it is somewhat of a surprise). The group is very excited for these releases as we are trying some new concepts to show people we aren’t only a Christmas group.

We have a 4 part video series call ‘How Well Do You Know G-Syndicate’ scheduled to be released in the upcoming weeks. This is to essentially get people familiar with the members of the group, know a bit more about G-Syndicate and what we would like for the brand.

We are also  looking to host our 3rd Edition of Grown and Sexy some time this year providing the Coronavirus pandemic clears up.

We are also looking into doing some more charity work this year, we have worked with The Hope Foundation and the HIV Food Bank in the last couple years”



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