The head of the Barbados Prison Officers Association Trevor Browne has been charged by police and is due to appear at the St. Matthias Magistrates court tomorrow morning.

He is accused of what in prison service jargon is called inciting mutiny but which on the charge sheet reads, maliciously endeavouring to seduce prison officers from their duties.

Mr. Browne is charged on at least four such counts with the charge sheets made available to us listing the names of three male and one female prison officer that Mr. Browne is accused of encouraging to report sick.

It is alleged that prison officers have provided statements in relation to the alleged matter.

Trade unionist Senator Caswell Franklyn, an industrial relations consultant to the Prison Officers’ Association informed Starcom Network News early this morning that Mr. Brown had contacted him to say that he had been arrested and was in custody at a police station accused of inciting mutiny in relation to reports that he urged fellow officers to sick out at Her Majesty’s Prison at Dodds.

Sources close to the prison confirmed that there had been an incident where several officers reported ill.

Senator Franklyn indicates that Mr. Browne may launch his own counter-suit against the prison and he expressed concern about the developments.


Mr. Browne was reportedly charged at a police station and then granted what is called station bail and released until tomorrow’s court appearance.

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