Parents Get Assurance From the Education Minister Re Text Book Grant

Education Minister Kay McConney has issued an assurance to parents having challenges accessing the one hundred dollar text book grant. Ms. McConney notes that some parents and guardians seeking to claim the grant have encountered issues due to faded or damaged receipts. The Education Minister also offered advice to those having challenges with the online […]

Storm Gusts Leave Homes Roofless

Several homes in St. George have lost their roofs during storm force gusts that accompanied thunderstorms. The homes are located at Harry Cox Road, Parish Land.

B’dos Experiences Storm Like Conditions and Power Outages

Barbados has been experiencing power outages as trailing bands from Tropical Storm Phillipe continue to hit Barbados with thunder, lightning, heavy showers and gusts up to storm force. Director of Barbados Meteorological Services Sabu Best issued a status update a short while ago. Director of Barbados Meteorological Services Sabu Best. A motorist on the south […]