Police Crack Cases: Three Charged for Murder/Serial Burglar Charged

Three men have been charged for the murder of a young man who was shot dead in the verandah of his home just a week after being released from prison. Twenty year old Joshua Alexander who had been detained on a murder charge before being eventually being released was sitting outside his home with relatives […]

Psychiatric Cases Increase

The Psychiatric Hospital and clinics are seeing an increase in psychiatric cases. Director of the hospital David Leacock tells Starcom Network News that the fallout from the covid-19 pandemic, which put a strain on many families and individuals and created economic hardship, has been a factor. He says the situation also reflects an increase in […]

Auto Dealers Hit by International Supply Issues

Automotive dealers in Barbados are finding some models hard to source as shipping costs soar due to the international logistical issues and rising freight prices. That situation has also been affecting the distribution sector in Barbados such as supermarkets and hardware store. Sales Director of Nassco Limited Roger Moore tells Starcom Network News the situation […]

Insurance Executive: Alcohol a Factor in Some Crashes/ Wants Breathalyzer.

A key voice in the insurance sector is calling for the implementation of breathalyzer testing in light of the rise in traffic accidents. Chief Executive Officer of Co-Operators General Insurance Anton Lovell, is concerned about the increasing number crashes and fatalities and believes measures need to be put in place to deal with it.. Mr. […]