Our stations

HOTT 95.3 FM

HOTT is the top urban music station. It is one of the most listened to stations and its morning host, Jon Doe, has been consistently the #1 radio personality. Its musical style includes, soca, reggae, dance hall, hip-hop and R&B. The audience is well spread, but higher among the middle and lower socio economic groups. HOTT’s dominance is such that it is evident among youth audiences from 15 years old and goes up to the 40 – 44 age group.

VOB 92.9 FM

Is the undisputed premier news/talk and community platform in Barbados. News and public affairs is its core. Musically and culturally there is a strong local and regional flavour. The audience is well spread by socio- economic groups and by sex. Its target is listeners 40 years and older.


The BEAT 104. 1FM targets persons between ages 30 to 55. Listeners tune in for hit music that is familiar and popular, yet easy on the ears. It promotes an aspirational lifestyle. The target audience is predominantly middle to upper class and upwardly mobile. Genres of music featured include adult contemporary, power ballads, Top 40 hits, sweet soca, reggae (easy listening/classic) and local/regional R&B. The Beat is home to the popular Destination Disney promotion.

LIFE 97.5 FM

Life 97.5FM is the leading faith and family focused station in Barbados and features a 100% gospel music. This station is designed to inspire audiences motivated by content of a spiritual nature. It features a heavy diet of family-oriented and children’s content. Life is a trusted brand in the Christian community, a significant niche on the island.