Because of the anonymous nature of the internet, we will require certain confidential information known only to you and is necessary for us to identify you. All necessary precaution is taken to keep confidential all personal or financial information submitted on our website. When we ask that you provide us with confidential information such as credit card, charge cards or other electronic or digital modes of payment we use technologically secure electronic systems. Strict corporate policies and procedures are adhered to, to prevent any breach or access by unauthorized persons and periodic reviews are conducted to avoid a breach of these policies to prevent any loss, misuse or changes to the information submitted.

Some of the specific security measures used to secure cardholder account data during the ordering and payment process include: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption: SSL is a protocol for secure communication over the internet. It ensures that all data transmitted between the customer’s browser and the merchant’s website is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by unauthorized third parties. Cardholder data is entered into a PCI compliant hosted page provided by our credit card processor. No card data is stored directly on our site.

The information collected will not be used for any purpose other than the intended purpose when requested. There may be occasions when parts or all of the information provided by you will be shared with other third parties who are acting on our behalf. They are mandated by us to maintain a strict code of conduct and confidentiality and are instructed to use the information only in accordance with our privacy policies and procedures.

The accessibility of the internet globally means it does not recognize boundaries. Therefore the collection and transmission of personal data is not confined to one country. By using the internet and our website your personal data may be processed and transferred to or via jurisdictions without our knowledge and or control. You therefore agree that your personal data may be processed or transmitted in these several jurisdictions.