Protest Planned Over Child Protection Bill

Protest Planned Over Child Protection Bill

A local child and family advocacy group has planned a march and rally to highlight concerns over the structure and content of the recently debated child protection bill.

The group called “watch out my children” consisting of several parents and other relatives, held a news conference this morning where they shared their plans to march this Saturday.

A member of the Group, UWI Lecturer, Felicia Dujon, again raised concerns over the bill.

She says they have taken their concerns to government and have been promised the draft child protection bill will be reviewed.

Child Rights activist, Felicia Dujon.

But Independent Senator, Dr. Kristina Hinds, a UWI lecturer and talk show host believes the new child protection laws are needed and questions the motives behind the opposition to it.

Independent Senator Dr. Kristina Hinds.

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