Small Contractors Want Fair Bidding System

Small Contractors Want Fair Bidding System

Small building contractors welcome a promise by government of a bidding system for state contracts that is more fair and transparent.

A new Public Procurement Bill was passed in Parliament this week that government says will modernise and also make more fair, the system of vying for the 1.6 billion dollars in contracts awarded by the state every year.

In contributing to the debate Independent Senator, Dr. Kristina Hinds, urged implementation of a system that ends the perception that certain groups of people predominantly benefit from public sector deals.

Two former Presidents of the Barbados Artisans and Contractors Cooperative tell Starcom Network News, that they also think the bidding system seemed biased.

Building contractorTroy Williams says there was indeed a perception that some had an advantage.

Building contractor Troy Williams.

Another building contractor Michael Harris had a similar view.

Building contractor, Michael Harris.

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