Child Justice System Overhaul

Child Justice System Overhaul

Government is overhauling this country’s system for dealing with children who run afoul of the law, including diverting them from court where possible, using alternatives to confinement were possible and finding ways to reintegrate them into society.

The plan has been outlined by Minister of Home Affairs and Information, Wilfred Abrahams, as he introduced the Child Justice Bill in the House of Assembly today.

Minister of Home Affairs and Information, Wilfred Abraham.

Meantime, Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, Kirk Humphrey, wrapped up debate on the Child Protection Bill which was introduced in the House of Assembly last week and now heads to a joint select committee of Parliament for further review.

He rejected criticism of the legislation claiming such detractors are  playing politics.

Mr. Humphrey again insisted that parents rights aren’t being taken away.

Child’s Right Advocate Felicia Dujon denounces what she calls erroneous claims by the minister about the child protection bill.

Ms. Dujon believes that while the minister has identified her as someone that wants to create animosity every citizen has the responsibility to speak what is necessary when it comes to right of the children..


Meantime, Child rights activist, Dr. Marsha Hinds-Myrie, speaking on VOB’s Down to Brasstacks call in program indicated her concern about what she sees as several flaws in the legislation, especially in relation to the proposed new child protection authority.

Child rights activist, Dr. Marsha Hinds-Myrie

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