Minister Responsible for Crime Prevention, Corey Lane, has appealed for unity in the fight against crime as he insists comments he made about the media’s reporting of crime in Barbados have been misinterpreted.

Mr. Lane called into VOB’s Down to Brasstack call-in program in response to push back against his suggestion that the public’s perception of high crime levels is being influenced by news coverage.

He had referred to the matter while addressing a joint meeting of the Barbados Labour Party St. James branches.


But, Polled on the subject, members of the public generally felt the media were simply doing their job.


And the President of the Democratic labour Party, Dr. Ronnie Yearwood, issued a statement calling for the minister to be removed from his post.

DLP President Dr. Ronnie Yearwood.

Mr. Lane called into Down to Brasstacks telling moderator David Ellis he was getting feedback about his comments while attending estimates meetings.

Minister in the Attorney General’s Office with Responsibility for Crime Prevention, Corey Lane.

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