As the police treat as suspicious the death of an elderly woman whose body was found at her St. Peter home over the weekend, the service has issued an alert for the elderly to take steps to protect themselves as far as possible from potential criminal predators.

The warning comes from police crime prevention officer, Inspector Stephen Griffith. “The elderly are sometimes the target of criminal elements in our society. These incidents of crime occur when they are walking the streets, shopping in stores, using their vehicles and their homes. Here are some tips. Do not walk alone or in lonely places with inadequate lighting. Take a friend or family member with you whenever you decide to go shopping, and try to avoid shopping on the same day, every week. Be cautious of those persons who approach you asking for charity. Do not keep large sums of money on your person, or display large sums of money in public. Ensure that you secure your home before setting up on your journey. Do not give persons are ride, unless you know who they are.”

(audio below)

Voice of: Police Crime Prevention Officer, Inspector Stephen Griffith.

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