A fifty eight year old store owner has been arrested and charged with unauthorized use and possession of counterfeit Nike, Puma, Louis Vuitton and Jordan merchandise.

It results from a search executed on September 7th last year at the home of Leroy Brathwaite at Wanstead Heights, St. James.

The police say the raid by the Financial Crimes Investigations Asset Recovery Unit discovered a large quantity of goods which were suspected to be counterfeit.

Meantime, the Anti Gun and Gangs Unit have charged three men for possession of illegal guns, ammunition and drugs.

Kevin Cumberbatch of Risk Road, Fitts Village, St. James has been charged with possession, trafficking and intent to supply marijuana and cocaine.

Henry Greenidge of Colleton St John has been charged with possession of an illegal gun and ammunition on June 7th at Belair, St George; while Tyrek King of Gays St Peter is accused of possession of two illegal firearms as well as ammunition on June 8th 2022, at Gays

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