Barbados continues to record about a covid-19 death a day.

Health authorities today reported yet another fatality, the victim is said to be a once prominent local evangelist.
Health officials also predicted yesterday’s record for a daily number of cases will likely be broken as the delta variant spreads rapidly throughout the community.


Meantime,  Chief Medical officer, Dr. Kenneth George, speaking during a covid-19 briefing this morning disclosed that all the indicators are trending upwards and warned that the risk of transmission is high with almost 160 clusters being monitored.

Dr. George emphasised the fast pace at which the cases are increasing and the large number of young and otherwise healthy people who are now getting sick from the virus.

He’s also very worried about people not heeding the warnings and changing behaviours and about not enough people coming forward to get vaccinated.

He emphasised the rate of serious illness and death among the unvaccinated.

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