Reverend Guy Hewitt this evening launches his bid to replace Verla Depeiza as President of the Democratic Labour Party and DLP stalwarts are divided on the matter.

Among the former DLP Parliamentarians contacted by Starcom Network News there was both support for and opposition to the move by Reverend Hewitt.

A former DLP high-profile MP and cabinet minister told Starcom Network News that the party needs a breath of fresh air and he believes Reverend Hewitt is just that.

However a former DLP Senator felt the bid to oust Ms. Depeiza was unwarranted and out of place.

Reverend Hewitt, a  former Barbados High Commissioner to the UK  who currently resides in Florida where he’s a parish priest, is about now due to be launching via facebook live stream his attempt to unseat Miss Depeiza, an attorney at law.

Reverend Hewitt tells Starcom Network News he’s getting a lot of support.

But DLP stalwart and former Senator Reginald Hunte denounced Reverend Hewitt’s challenge to Miss Depeiza as disrespectful, especially coming from someone he considers to be a relatively new face in the party.

Mr. Hunte accuses Reverend Hewitt of seeking to have his own way in the party.

Reverend Hewitt denies that he’s seeking a specific constituency.


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