National Clean-up Starts Tomorrow

National Clean-up Starts Tomorrow

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has announced that retail businesses will be closed to the public tomorrow, but essential workers should show up for work.

Addressing the media afternoon, the Prime Minister also disclosed plans for a national clean-up campaign to remove the build-up of ash from the La Soufriere volcano that has blanketed the island.

Noting that the scale of the event is a first for Barbados, Ms. Mottley urged citizens not to panic but use common sense.

Also addressing the media, Director of the Seismic Research Centre of the UWI, Dr. Erouscilla Joseph, explained that vertical eruption columns were responsible for the intensity and height of the ash miles into the air.

She said this along with wind currents were moving the ash over Barbados and this could last for up to weeks.

Other Key Points

  • Transport Board will have a reduced schedule.
  • Ash is to be placed in strong garbage bags and is to be collected on open-back trucks.
  • High-strength garbage bags are to be distributed.
  • Do not clog gutters with the ash.


Prime Minister Mottley

  • PM said there is no way of knowing how long this will last.
  • The public should be very careful and take additional precautions as ash becomes very slippery, especially on roofs and accidents may occur.
  • PM said the police will be asked to look into the fake news posts.

Roger Blackman, Barbados Light & Power Company

  • Ash, especially when wet can be highly conductive and can cause problems.
  • Extra crews are out today.
  • The company has a plan to commence clean-up over the next few days.
  • Solar PV systems are affected but the company has enough backup supply.
  •  He assured the public the electricity system has held up well.
  • No major problems. Customers can call their hotline at 626-9000.


  • Keith Roy Halliday, Barbados Water Authority 
  • He assured the public that the water quality is sound and the delivery network remains intact.
  • Barbados has a closed supply network that is not vulnerable to ashfall.
  • The system is intact and secure from contamination.
  • The ground filtration system works well and there is no need for concern.
  • Manage water use carefully and use as little water as possible.


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