A warning from the covid-19 monitoring unit has prompted the well-known operator of a rooms for rent facility to shut down his business pending a decision on his request for a review.

Earlier this week, the head of the Covid-19 Monitoring Unit, Ronald Chapman, expressed concern about what he claimed were guest houses used for sexual rendezvous.

He said that under the COVID-19 curfew directives they were operating illegally and would be dealt with as they were complicating contact tracing efforts since the couples involved then have to lie about where they were and who they were with.

The proprietor of Best Rooms, Anthony James, who is well known on social media by the nickname Uncle, tells Starcom Network News that while he disagrees with the monitoring unit’s position in relation to businesses such as his, he’s taking no chances.

Uncle tells Starcom Network News he didn’t wait for the monitoring unit to contact him but reached out to them asking them to review their position.

And he’s also getting legal advice on the matter as he’s convinced that the wording of the COVID directive allows all rental accommodation, including his, to stay open.

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