Minister of Health and Wellness Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic is apologizing to visitors and Barbadians for delays at the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory in processing COVID-19 results within the 24-to 48-hour window.

He attributes the delays to increased air traffic which has required more testing of visitors to the island.

He said the delays caused some visitors and returning nationals to spend more time than anticipated in the designated quarantine facilities

The minister however is giving the assurance that this situation will would improve shortly.

He was speaking to the media, during a news conference at llaro court.

The minister is also assuring that tourists do not get preferential treatment when it comes to authorities enforcing COVID-19 protocols. He was responding to questions by the media about concerns that tourists are not being held to the same level of scrutiny as locals.

Meantime, Tourism Minister Senator Lisa Cummins also at the news conference gave an update on visitor arrival numbers.

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