Prime Minister Mottley has promised to make an example of foreign-owned security company G4S, if necessary, as she announced that talks aimed at resolving a dispute at the company remain deadlocked.

She was speaking at Ilaro Court in the early hours of this morning where talks were held with officials of the company and the Barbados Workers Union, which represents the G4S security guards.

Miss Mottley declared that G4S admitted to categorising about half of their roughly 600 employees as security guards and paying them at a certain hourly rate while hiring the others under the title security stewards to do the same work but paying them at a lower rate as a cost-saving measure.

Miss Mottley says the company’s refusal to budge on that key point meant they couldn’t even get to some of the other grievances. The BWU has been asked to hold off on a promised national strike until tomorrow, in the meantime government will cover consider its legal options for dealing with the company.

Miss Mottley also promised to deal with those businesses, in this case, hotel owners, who can afford to pay severance to their workers but refuse to do so.

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