The state-owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has issued a public apology over salacious comments made during last night’s St. George North by-election debate.

In a statement posted on its website and social media pages, the corporation says it apologizes for any untruthful, offensive and misguided comments that may have been broadcast.

The government-run radio and TV station says it took precautions to avoid the besmirching of peoples’ reputation and that prior to the start of the debate, the candidates were advised by the moderator that they should not make statements that could be viewed as derogatory or injurious to any individuals’ character.

It adds that this was reinforced by the Corporation’s legal advisor and senior management during the break who warned one of the candidates specifically about making offensive remarks and insisted that there be no more comments or statements that could be deemed objectionable. 

Viewers and political scientists describe the debate as embarrassing, farcical and even potentially slanderous.

In her introductory remarks to today’s edition of VOB’s call-in program, Getting Down to Brass Tacks, Dr. Christina Hinds offered this assessment.

Political scientist Dr. George Belle, a retired former senior lecturer and dean of the faculty of social sciences at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, was similarly unimpressed.

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