Restaurant chain Chicken Barn today announced it has been forced to temporarily close some of its branches due to a shortage of chicken.

However, this country’s largest chicken producer says the issue is not a shortage of chicken but the insufficient supply of a particular size of bird. Chickmont Foods also promises the problem will soon be resolved explaining that the issue appears to be, some clients being unable to accurately forecast their volume of business and supply requirements following the reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown.

Peter Hynam, one of the owners of Chicken Barn, spoke to Starcom Network News about their chicken supply issues.

Meantime, Edward Albecker, General Manager of Chickmont Foods, tells Starcom Network, that restaurants require a particular size bird and suppliers will have difficulty planning production to fill those orders if the restaurants don’t accurately forecast what their needs are and place orders accordingly.

Mr. Elbecker said that major challenges were posed by the COVID-19 shutdown and the subsequent reopening as business has not yet returned to normal.

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