What’s new with Leigh Phillips?

Music Video: Sunrise

“I am going to be releasing the first visual from my album Queen soon! We shot the music video for Sunrise in February. The visuals were done by Brian Andall of G7 Studio Atelier from Grenada. I was recovering from some spine issues that forced me to take a break from performing when Brian reached out to me on social media. He had seen me on Season 5 of Club One New Releases in 2018 and has been following me since then. He was coming to Barbados for the weekend and offered to work with me. The timing was surreal because I had recently gotten the all-clear from my doctor to return to work.

The video debuts my nieces, Tiffany and Tyra Robinson, and features some amazing family and friends who came together to make this happen. A big thank you to my team and to Samaria, Onika Queen of the Drums, Rahn Phillips, Nicolette Waight, 5th Avenue Fashions, Simply Chic Makeup, Gladston and London Bar for your time. The entire video is shot near my neighborhood and features the beauty of the south coast.”

Recording in Jamaica

“I traveled to Jamaica for the first time in March, right before Covid came, and had the opportunity to record at Grafton Studios. It has always been a dream of mine to experience the musical energy of Jamaica firsthand and it surpassed my expectations. Grafton Studios is owned by the legend Mikey Bennett whom I also got to meet via phone. The entire experience was amazing but I’m not going to give much away. Thank you to Jamila Falak for making the experience possible for me and to the entire team who came to the recording session.”

Can’t wait to see the video release and get the scoop about that recording in Jamaica? Stay tuned to Leigh Phillips on Instagram @leighpmusic

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