Regional political pollster Peter Wickham is filing an official police complaint after what appeared to be a clear threat on his life live on air towards the end of the Getting Down to Brass Tacks call-in program on Voice of Barbados yesterday.

Mr. Wickham heads Caribbean Development Research Services (Cadres), a regional political polling firm, which has done political survey work in Guyana.

Guyana remains gripped in political turmoil over the outcome of recent general elections, the results of which the government there has been blocked by the High Court from announcing without a verified process.

Mr. Wickham has described the government’s stopping of the vote count as scandalous arguing that the poll results showed an eleven percent swing towards the opposition that would have given them a comfortable victory.

And speaking on yesterday’s Brass Tacks program he again said he believes the current data available indicate an opposition victory

And as the program was about the close, he took this call.

This morning Mr. Wickham told Starcom Network News that while in the past he has been willing to take some remarks in stride, this time it’s gone too far.


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