The office of the attorney general is investigating previous purchasing practices at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital that the hospital’s executive chair says forms part of an overall probe across the public sector to see if there was any wrong-doing.
Juliet Bynoe Sutherland was speaking in parliament today as minister of health Lieutenant Colonel Jeffry Bostic and officials of his ministry fielded questions during the estimates debate.

Meantime, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has outlined a series of measures to fix a range of problems at the QEH, this after an exchange in Parliament today with opposition leader Bishop Joseph Atherly who used the word chaos to describe scheduling and other problems at the QEH.  The health minister admitted there were challenges.

The Prime Minister then also joined the debate saying she found it shocking that the QEH was not able to have all its surgical theatres in operation and that she wants that and other matters fixed.

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