Environment Minister Trevor Prescod has told the House of Assembly that an investigation is underway into financial matters at the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) that he suggests may amount to crimes with the potential to land people in jail.

Mr. Prescod, speaking during the estimates debate in parliament, was responding to a question from opposition leader, Bishop Joseph Atherley.

Bishop Atherley criticized the new garbage tax that was added on water bills saying it was an extreme burden for many people, but he then went on to ask about the arrangements for the purchase of the recently imported new garbage trucks.


But Mr. Prescod dismissed those concerns as rumour.

He noted that the SSA has acquired 23 new trucks and now has a fleet of about 35 functioning vehicles compared to ten a year ago.

The Minister went on to describe the financial goings-on at the SSA under the previous administration as deplorable with large sums of money being squandered through highly questionable contracts.



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