A day after former Barbados Commerce Industry Donville Inniss was convicted on corruption charges in US Federal Court, attention is turning to what will be his fate when he returns to court next month for sentencing.

New York correspondent Tony Best says while it’s doubtful Mr. Inniss will get the maximum punishment which could be up to ten years in jail, there’s a feeling the US government is using this case to send a strong message about corruption.

He also notes the penalty could include not just possible jail time but also forfeiture of assets.

Mr. Best says legal experts speculate that the defence team’s strategy, which seemed perplexing to many, where no defence witnesses were called and Mr. Inniss did not take the stand in his own defence, may have been to prevent an already bad situation becoming much worse, not just for Mr. Inniss but for others.

Meantime, our Ackeem Clinkett today visited the St. James South Constituency formerly represented by Mr. Inniss, and those people willing to give an opinion on the outcome of his case were generally sympathetic.

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