Government will be going to Parliament to give the police additional powers to deal with criminal gangs that the authorities believe are behind a lot of the gun violence in this country.

Attorney General Dale Marshall made the disclosure in an interview with Starcom Network News with the number of homicides here for the year so far reaching a record number of 32.

He said a number of measures are being implemented, not all of which can be made public, and he has confidence in the work being done by the police.

He stressed this situation was a long time in the making and can’t be solved overnight.

The attorney general describes the level of gun violence as worrisome with the potential to paralyze society if not dealt with forcefully. And he urged the public to support the police in their efforts, rather than just standing on the sidelines being critics.

On another matter, Mr. Marshall while reluctant to go into the details disclosed that local law enforcement is working with the US authorities to investigate the disappearance of a New Jersey couple who went missing while jet-skiing off Barbados’ west coast.

Over the weekend the jet-ski was recovered by the French Navy off Guadeloupe, some 250 miles or 400 kilometers away from Barbados.

Meantime, a jet ski operator has been telling Starcom Network News that the disappearance of the couple is being raised by some tourists as a concern.

But Ellis Gooding, who operates at Maxwell Beach Christ Church says part of the problem is some tourists failure to stay within a prescribed area and the operators’ failure to be more strict with their clients.


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