Ahead of the emergency mass meeting today of teachers to discuss violence in schools came news that the police were yesterday called in after a security guard intercepted a young man trying to enter the premises of a secondary school disguised as a student and carrying several weapons in a bag.

The incident was drawn to the attention of Starcom Network News and when contacted, President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union, Mary Ann Redman, confirmed that she too had received such a report.

It appeared to have been an attempted act of reprisal following a fight off the school premises a day earlier.

And addressing that meeting she said that student on teacher violence is a growing trend in schools and it’s a serious issue that needs to addressed.

Ms. Redman spoke of at least five such cases and said they will be working to establish a protocol for matters relating to student on teacher violence instructing teachers to report verbal threats made by students and advising against exposing themselves to harm by attempting to separate participants in serious fights.

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