The Treasury Department is not seeking to disadvantage any public officers who retired from the public service medically unfit and are receiving pensions from that institution, says the acting Accountant General, Dane Coppin.

He explained that recent improvements in communication of pension information between the Treasury Department and the National Insurance Department had revealed that some retired public officers had been receiving unabated Treasury pensions when these pensions should have been abated.

Mr. Coppin made the comments while responding to complaints by some persons receiving invalidity benefits from the NIS that the Treasury Department had stopped their pensions.

According to him, persons who entered the public service after September 1, 1975, should have had their pensions abated. “Under the abatement system, persons would receive the NIS pension, and the pension computed by the Treasury would be reduced by the amount of the NIS pension.  If the NIS pension is equal to or greater than the pension computed by the Treasury, payment of the pension computed by the Treasury would be stopped.

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