A forty four year old St. Michael man who was still on crutches recovering from recent gunshot injuries was this morning gunned down in his home at Barbarees Gardens, St. Michael sometime after 9 o’clock. This is the third fatal shooting in Barbados in just the space of a week.

Cathy Harris the sister of Daryll Harris told Starcom Network News at the scene that he was attacked in his home and shot multiple times. Daryll Harris who leaves behind 13 children was taken to hospital by his father where he was pronounced dead.

Neighbours who gathered at the scene expressed concern about the gun violence and called for tough action to deal with it.

And there was also a shooting last night at Harmony Lodge, St. Martins, St. Phillip in which a man was injured.

The police say that around 11:10 pm 33 year old Brian Hunte of Harmony Lodge was attending the REDDAH FIRE promotion  at Bongles Hide-a-way Bar when he was shot in his abdomen, left hand and back. He was transported to the QEH by private transportation.

Meantime, in another incident, a cutlass attack at Glendairy Road, Station Hill, St. Michael, a man is said to have suffered a partially severed left arm and a fractured left leg. That occurred about a quarter past 11 am. The victim is 52 year old Allan Mottley of Newbury, St. George.

He’s reported to have said he was at a residence with a female when he was attacked by another  man.


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