The Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados and the Finance Minister, will head to court tomorrow after attorneys for both sides faced off in the high court yesterday, as the governor continues to challenge the finance minister’s attempt to fire him.

Governor, Dr. Delisle Worrell, was summoned last week and was told to resign or be fired. His lawyers filed an injunction in the High Court on Sunday temporarily blocking the move.

When the matter came up for hearing yesterday, the parties were told to return to court tomorrow when presiding Justice Randall Worrell would rule on the real deposits injunction and the arguments seeking to dismiss it.

Dr. Worrell will remain in his post as Governor until 21 blackjack movie online then.

One of Dr. Worrell’s attorneys, Gregory Nicholls spoke with the media on the steps of the courthouse. “I’m very confident in the arguments that we put before the Court casino games. It was the same arguments that we put forward on Sunday. I was a little surprised by the arguments from the other side, but who am I to judge?

“I was a little surprised that that was the case of the government. I mean, it is almost as if you have to get rid of the governor, because if you don’t get ride of the governor, the economy will collapse online blackjack. We contend that the Minister does not have the power to get around the (Central Bank) Act. The Act sets out how a director, including the Central Bank Governor can be removed and until that process has been followed, he cannot go outside the Act.”


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