Minister of the Environment and Drainage- Dr. Denis Lowe says he is satisfied with government’s collaboration with private waste haulers, so far.

The six month initiative was introduced by the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) last year, and sees private waste haulers assisting government with its garbage collection and disposal.

However, in a release from the Government Information Service, the Environment Minister has also indicated that he agrees with the Ministry of Finance’s call for an immediate review of the Waste Haulers programme, as they seek to chart the way forward in waste management.

He says he has called for a review of the four-hundred and 11-dollar hourly rate; as well the introduction of a minimum rate requirement…noting that the details of these two matters are “still being worked out.”

Dr. Lowe adds his Ministry also intends to introduce a number of SSA-operated skips to reduce the number currently being rented and operated by the private sector.

Meanwhile, one private waste hauler, Anderson Cherry, of Jose y Jose Liquid and Solid Waste Management Inc., remains tight lipped on the details of the programme.

Without giving specifics, Mr Cherry tells STARCOM NETWORK NEWS that he has some challenges with the programme, which he hopes to address with the Minister, soon.

However, he does not agree with government’s proposed move into the skip rental business.”I think the government needs to get out of the commercial side of rentals, for instance, a lot of clients out there are renting skips from Sanitation Service Authority, and they’re not paying. And also, the SSA may be paying more to collect these skips that the customer isn’t even paying Sanitation (Service Authority) for.”

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