A teenager shot at Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church yesterday has died and his friends and family are convinced it’s a case of mistaken identity.

The police this morning confirmed the death of 18 year old Michael Edwards of Bartlett Tenantry, Sargeant Village, Christ Church.

He was outside his home about 2 30pm yesterday when two masked men approached and shot him twice. He was taken to hospital by ambulance with bullets to the upper back and armpit. He later passed away.

This morning when Starcom Network News visited his home a close friend who declined to give his name, said that Michael, a former student of the Graydon Sealy Secondary School was in training to be a security guard, was not a trouble-maker or bad boy and he firmly believes the assailants shot the wrong man.


“Mike was a good boy, he was not someone who was out there looking for trouble,” said one man, who wished to remain anonymous. “What happened to Mike, that wasn’t him. I know what I’m telling you.”

Meantime, Michael’s grandmother Agatha Taitt explained that both his parents are St. Lucians who live in St. Lucia. She says his mother came here pregnant with him and he was born here, but she the grandmother raised him from the time he was six months old, while the mother relocated to St. Lucia when he was two years old. He only recently reconnected with his mother.

Ms Taitt insisted that her comments were not based on the fact that Michael, was her grandson insisted he was a good boy but one that would speak frankly. She was close to tears.

The police are appealing for people to come forward with information to help solve this murder.

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